Enrich & Extend

Enrich & Extend @ SSFC

In addition to your three Level 3 courses (GCE A level or BTEC) we will expect you to consider one of the following Extend and Enrich courses available. There are 5 groups of courses and each will enhance your chosen study programme and support your progression route in different ways.

Browse our photo galleries to see the range of experiences and opportunities that are available and that take place each year.

Additional Qualifications 
You may study a fourth A level or BTEC but there is an expectation that this course will be studied over two years.  Starting a fourth A level or BTEC will be dependent on how well you do in your GCSE exams. Note that many universities simply make offers based on three advanced levels alone although additional qualifications may assist by providing greater breadth in your studies. Universities welcome the courses we offer, such as, the Extended Project (EPQ) qualification or Core Maths. Students benefit from the academic and research experience that they offer and the opportunity to link your advanced level subjects together.
Extended Project Qualification (EPQ)
The EPQ allows each student to embark on a largely self-directed and self-motivated project. Students must choose a topic, then plan, research and develop their idea and decide on their finished product. We encourage creativity and curiosity. A project topic may be directly related to a student's main study programme, but many students find success investigating something that relates to a hobby or what they hope to study at university or pursue for a career. Find out more by reading through this presentation 
Core Maths

Level 3 Mathematical Studies (Core Maths) is a qualification designed for students who have achieved a grade C or above at GCSE. It helps to develop students’ mathematical skills and thinking and supports courses such as A level Psychology, Sciences and Geography as well as technical and vocational qualifications.  It is an examination based course, for 2 lessons a week over 2 years, leading to an AS qualification.

Academic Support
Flying Start 
Post-16 is about freedom, responsibility and opportunity. The college has high expectations and aspirations and expects students to have them too. Most students will find the pattern of studies in a sixth form college significantly different from GCSE at school. The timetable will be different; there will be fewer subjects and there will also be non-contact periods for you to manage.  Although many may have begun to develop responsibility for their own studies in Years 10 and 11 this comes to the forefront post-16 where the secret of success is developing the ability to study and plan work effectively and independently. Not all students will find this easy.  There is strong support already available from Student Support Tutors, subject teachers and study support sessions.  Flying Start is a course of Study Skills intended to help all students especially those whose who have found significant challenges to date with their studies.  
Flying Start+
It is important that students find the time and opportunity to develop the complementary range of study skills needed to make you successful at the very highest level.  Universities find that students who arrive in Higher Education with these additional skills adapt better to university life and perform better too. This is a course designed to ensure students receive guidance on how to fill those skills gaps and are fully prepared to make a “flying start” at university.
Leadership & Community
Students have the opportunity to sign up and participate in a wide range of events, courses and activities throughout the year.  For example, the Duke of Edinburgh Award programme will be available to students.  We have the Model United Nations which is a competition in which students learn about diplomacy, international relations and the United Nations.  For some there is an opportunity to take part in our annual engineering scheme. We make available extensive information throughout the year on volunteering and career opportunities.
Army Cadet Force

Students are able to join Shropshire Army Cadet Force’s new Platoon at Shrewsbury College and take part in a variety of activities, as well as learning a range of transferable skills. The Shrewsbury College Platoon (RIFLES) will parade on Wednesdays between 1-4pm. More information is available here.

The Agency

Based within the Quarry Study Centre at Welsh Bridge Campus and Enterprise Centre at Shrewsbury College, and in the , students now have the opportunity to access ‘The Agency’ who offer employability skills, careers advice, work experience, enterprise and enrichment opportunities which enhances the information, advice and guidance service that is provided by our Student Support Tutors, Shropshire Youth and the student seminars, events and visits that are on offer throughout the year.

Local companies support activities in many ways and have been an important part in the development of The Agency. The Agency works with local employers to offer specialist placement schemes such as the NHS Young Volunteer programmes. We also get involved in specific projects with a range of employers, including Shrewsbury Town Football Club and the Mosaic Group comprising London Road Sports Centre, Shrewsbury Club, and Imagine Spa. Activities include regular work experience, bespoke placements and projects and volunteering.

Employers tell us they are looking for applicants who can demonstrate skills in:

  • Team-working and communication
  • Customer handling
  • Literacy and numeracy
  • Work/life experience.

Qualifications are important and, equally,experience in the local community develops you as an individual.

Enrichment Opportunities
Sport & Recreation 
Team sports take place each week in football, hockey, netball and rugby.  There are courses in rowing and canoeing plus a range of after college activities.  Read more here
Music & Dramatic Arts (MaDA)

Be part of the Music & Dramatic Arts programme and experience the college community at its most inspired, creative, innovative and exciting. Read more about what's on offer here

Instrumental tuition is available from visiting music staff (Shropshire Music Service).  Students receiving tuition are required to participate in at least one musical group each term.